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Rustic Handmade Wooden Charcuterie Boards - one-off

Rustic Handmade Wooden Charcuterie Boards - one-off

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Savor the simple pleasure of gathering with loved ones, and let these Rustic Charcuterie Boards be the canvas for presenting an abundant feast to share with friends and family.


Large Hickory - 10" x 24" x 1" thick

Small Cherry - 8.5" x 18" x .75" thick

Highlights: Lovingly handcrafted from carefully chosen slabs of hickory and cherry wood, these charcuterie boards are perfect for grand gatherings. Offering an impressive and inviting backdrop for a lavish assortment of cheeses, cured meats, or appetizers. It also makes beautiful decor or wall art for your home.

Availability: This is a one-off item. The photos show the exact item you will receive.

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