Collection: chopsticks & sushi sets

our handmade wooden chopsticks and sushi sets feature elegant designs and precision craftsmanship to give you the perfect surface a delicious sushi or sashimi arrangement.


custom pieces - contact us here


Handmade Wooden Chopsticks and Sushi Sets

At Cornerstone Woodcraft, we offer heirloom-quality handmade wooden chopsticks and sushi trays that are meant to help families gather and create lasting memories.

We use local Pennsylvania hardwoods and unique exotic woods to handcraft truly unique, artfully inspired wooden chopsticks, sushi trays and other kitchenware that you and your family will use and enjoy for generations to come. 


Contact us here to order a custom order where you can select the perfect wood types, sizing, and even add custom engraving to your board to make it truly one of a kind!