Dino & Nicole - Owners & Makers

We are a small, family-owned business based out of Lancaster County, PA.

We understand the frustration of not being able to find good quality wooden kitchenware, that’s how our business began. We were so tired of all the watered-down, mass-produced items available in stores and online, so we started making our own. What started as a cure for our own frustration, became Cornerstone Woodcraft as we discovered the joy that could be spread by sharing this gift with the world.

Growing up in Italian families, we share a deep love for food and cooking. Some of our fondest memories take place in the kitchen, or gathered around the dinner table - breaking bread with family and friends, talking, laughing, and sometimes crying - creating memories that we’ll cherish forever.

If you ask any good cook, one of the most important ingredients to a great meal - is love. We practice that same philosophy when crafting our items. We love the process. From taking the time to select the most beautiful pieces of wood, to skillfully shaping and carving out the smallest of details, then carefully packaging and sending each piece to its new home. This thread of love and care that’s woven into each piece will be continued through each meal you make.

Our hope is that every time you chop ingredients or arrange a platter on your charcuterie board, you will be inspired to pause, and put an extra pinch of love into the meal you are making - to be grateful for the food you have and the fellowship to share it with. Then, when you gather around the table, you may find yourself in one of those beautiful moments that will be cherished for the rest of your days.