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In a world full of mass-produced items, you and your loved ones deserve something better - Something that aligns with the love and passion that you put into your meals.

Browse our handcrafted wooden kitchenware - to help you make your mealtime more meaningful and give memorable gifts

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At Cornerstone Woodcraft, we offer handmade fine-quality wooden kitchenware. Ranging from wooden cutting boards to rustic charcuterie boards, you are sure to find the perfect piece to complement your kitchen.


What is the difference between wooden cutting boards and charcuterie boards?

- Our wooden cutting boards are handmade to provide the perfect cutting surface for all of your kitchen tasks. We use multiple strips of wood to help avoid moisture warping and ensure they are as flat as possible so you have a solid cutting surface. Cutting boards are also finished with smooth bevels along the sides so that you can easily lift and maneuver the board around your kitchen.

- Our wooden charcuterie boards are handmade to provide a beautiful display for serving and decor purposes. Most of our charcuterie boards are made from single slabs of wood to really highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain. Being made from a single slab of wood, charcuterie boards are more prone to warping from moisture than cutting boards, so they may not always be the best cutting surface.

In most cases, these pieces can be used for both purposes, however they do have some subtle differences. When choosing one, it's best to determine if you want to use it more for cutting or more for serving and display. 


If you can't find exactly what you're looking for in our collections, we also offer custom cutting boards and custom charcuterie boards. You can pick the wood types, sizing, and add personalized engraving to our custom pieces.

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