The items we make are designed and crafted to be used and last a lifetime.

Follow these tips to help keep your items in the best possible condition so you and your family can enjoy their beauty and function for years to come.

The wood in your board is a reflection of the living tree it came from. Just like how trees in the forest react to the seasons, the wood in your cutting board responds to the environment around it. This is often referred to as wood movement and occurs due to changes in moisture, causing wood to expand or contract.

Over time you may notice a slight wobble or mild bow in your board. Warping takes place when there's uneven drying or moisture absorption in the wood. Factors like humidity, fluctuating temperatures, or even how you wash and store your board play a role.

Mastering the Art of Board Care:

  • Stable Surroundings: Your board thrives in consistency. A place with stable humidity and temperature is ideal.

  • Smart Storage: It’s best to store your board on its edge, away from direct heat, this helps air to circulate evenly.

  • Regular TLC: Regularly treat your board with food-safe mineral oil or our very own Cornerstone Conditioner. This not only keeps it shining but also ensures the wood retains even moisture levels.

  • Caring Cleaning: When it's time to clean, hand wash using mild soap and warm water. After washing, towel dry, and store on its edge.

Celebrate the Unique Character

By embracing the natural tendencies of wood and armed with these care tips, you’re set to cherish the beauty and function of your cutting board for countless meals and memories.


  • Don’t wash your items in the dishwasher.
  • Don’t soak or submerge your items in water.
  • Your items may develop a “fuzzy” texture after the first couple of washes. This is a normal part of the wood seasoning process and will go away before you know it - so just keep using them!
  • Always keep a jar of Cornerstone Conditioning Cream on hand and regularly apply it to your boards and utensils.
  • Never condition your items when they are damp. Always wait until they are completely dry.
  • Always store your cutting boards on their edge by either leaning on their edge against a cabinet or wall, or by using a set of board display stands that we offer.


how do I wash my items?

After using your board, simply wash it with warm water and dish soap, then towel dry it and store the board on its edge to prevent warping.

Never put your board in the dishwasher, or submerge it in water.

how do I condition my items?

Conditioning your board is key to increasing its longevity. Condition your board using Cornerstone Conditioning Cream. Food-grade mineral oil can also be substituted in a pinch.

To condition the board, simply apply an even layer of Conditioning Cream to all sides and edges using a clean soft cloth. Allow the cream to dwell on the surface and absorb for 20 minutes, then buff away the remaining residue.

It's important to treat ALL sides and edges of your item, if some sides are left dry they will absorb more moisture and may cause warping.

how often should I condition my items?

If your item is used only for display, condition it every 2-3 months. If the board is used regularly, condition it after every 2-3 uses. More or less may be needed depending on how dry the board gets in your home climate. For best long-term results, use the conditioner anytime the board is starting to look or feel dry.

It's important to treat ALL sides and edges of your board, if some sides are left dry they will absorb more moisture and cause warping.

If you have any additional questions regarding how to care for your Cornerstone Items, please contact us at