Are you looking for a custom wooden cutting board?

Are you looking for a custom wooden cutting board?

At Cornerstone woodcraft, we make heirloom-quality cutting boards and charcuterie boards that are meant to help families gather and create lasting memories.⁣

We use local Pennsylvania hardwoods and colorful exotic hardwoods to handcraft truly unique, artfully inspired wooden cutting boards, rustic charcuterie boards, and other kitchenware that you and your family will use and enjoy for generations to come.⁣

When you order a board from us, we won’t just send you one off the shelf. Each one is hand crafted and that all begins with carefully selecting a piece of rough lumber and turning it into a beautiful finished product.

Are you looking for a special board for your kitchen or maybe a gift for a loved one? We have several styles to choose from here on our website and we can even create a custom design if there is specific sizing and wood types you want!⁣

For custom order you can pick the wood type, patterns, size, and even add a custom engraving. This works great for personalized gifts or even a bulk order for your business or restaurant.

Our hope is that every time you chop ingredients on your cutting board or arrange a platter on your charcuterie board, you will be inspired to pause, and put an extra pinch of love into the meal you are making - to be grateful for the food you have and the fellowship to share it with.⁣

Check out the selection of boards here on our website, or send us a message if you’d like a custom design!.

We look forward to creating something wonderful for you⁣!

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